After a Trump Win

Trump has won against the odds of most pollsters. Now is the time to look for positives.

Trump said he wanted to be the president of all Americans. In business, and on his show, he has historically been moderate toward ethnic minorities and those who are LGBT.

He has been a supporter of the arts.

A wall may be a waste of money, but he also claims that he will make legal immigration much easier, and would support a guest worker program.

According to most analysts, he will be less interventionist overseas, meaning that we are less likely to overthrow governments now. Let’s hope he doesn’t start an unnecessary war.

He claims that he can stop our national debt from spiraling out of control. It’s a dubious claim, but it could not go on increasing at its previous rate without an eventual crash.

The TPP would have sucked jobs and money out of the US. We probably won’t sign on to it now.

Contrary to Al Gore, the climate is changing more slowly than his hockey stick predicted, and humans cannot actually influence it much in 4 years.

If he had not been elected, then it seems that the other 50% of the population would be angry. Now they will get some of their wishes. This can be seen as a cycle of releasing some tensions while others are created. Because of division in Congress, the rate of change will be moderated.

Even in true blue Massachusetts where I live, almost 40% voted for Trump. Remember the purple nation maps from previous cycles. The divisions that have been highlighted by the media are partly a temporary side-effect of the two-party first-past-the-post voting system. Most of those who voted for Trump are more centrist than their candidate or their party.

Love thy neighbor, live long and prosper, and all that jazz.

One Response to “After a Trump Win”

  1. A wall is most certainly not a waste of money! If the tub is overflowing, you need to turn off the tap. That is what the wall is. You can try and mop up all the water you want, but if the flow of water is not stopped at the source, you’ll have an overflowing tub.

    We need to stop the flow of illegal aliens into this country. They are decreasing wages for our native population, driving down home values in our communities, and stressing our public resources from schools to public health services.

    We also need to be selective which WHO we accept as immigrants. Why are we not accepting Doctors from Denmark? Why are we bringing over poor immigrants who don’t speak or language, OR their own??? We should implement a points system like Australia for certain professions (teachers, doctors, health care workers, etc), which we more or less had before Teddy Kennedy ruined our immigration standard in 1965.

    A guest worker program is purely an exploitation of cheap labor for multinationals. And the tech visas are just as worse. There has to be some balance and hopefully Trump can achieve this. But it is not our duty to take care of the world and accept anyone who wants to come to America. We can’t take care of the entire third world, nor should they be allowed to immigrate here.

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