Boston Sports Club Screws Another Customer

Why do gyms routinely screw customers out of a final payment? Every business that charges a fee to cancel service should be sued into obscurity. This letter from Boston Sports club at Wellington Circle sounds nice, until the part about processing one last payment…

Hi David,

Thank you for your membership cancellation inquiry, I’m sorry to hear you will be leaving us. Do you mind if I ask why? I’m happy to help you with your request either way. I need to collect your final payment for your 30 day notice and then your cancellation will be finalized. Please call or email me at your convenience to provide me with the billing information you would like to use for your final payment. Unfortunately we cannot use the card you have on file as for your security we only have access to the last 4 digits and all 16 are needed to process the payment.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for being a valued member of our club over the years.

General Manager
Boston Sports Clubs
Wellington Circle
70 Station Landing
Medford, MA 02155

Edit: It turned out that the corporate office was able to cancel my membership without a final payment, but only because my case had special circumstances. The underlying business practice is still going on, and that’s why I’m leaving this post up for others to see.


2 Responses to “Boston Sports Club Screws Another Customer”

  1. American Consumer Says:

    You are such a child, typically entitlement attitude. You signed a contract when you first join any gym and they clearly state you need to provide a 30 day notice, if those 30 days goes into another month guess what you pay for those 30 days and you have the option to use the gym for that time period. I suppose its all the gym’s in the world fault you choose to play ignorant when it’s convenient for you. Quit blaming corporate america for your ignorance and learn to read what you sign your name to.

    • It is interesting that you think you know the terms of the contract that I signed over 7 years ago, even though the gym could not provide a copy of it. I did mention special circumstances, and in this case, I gave my written 30 days notice almost a year before the final termination of my membership. In response, the gym representative at the time recommended that I place a hold on my membership at a rate of $15/month. In case I would change my mind, this would save me the cost of re-initiation fees. There was no paperwork associated with the hold, but he accepted my 30 day notice letter. I actually thought that my membership would end after that month, but a few months later I noticed a series of $15 charges to my credit card from BSC. For several more months, I thought that maybe I would change my mind and reinstate the membership. However, it was almost a year later before I went back to cancel. By that time, BSC had collected around $150 for a “hold” which is an imaginary service. However, they wanted $65 more to cancel, and that led to this post.

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