Man thinks independently, loses party support

Here is news for the Democratic party: The fact that the current health care system is broken does not mean that everybody agrees with their proposals to change it. Joe Lieberman apparently disapproves of something in the bill, and the party immediately turns to ask So Why Was It We Didn’t Kick Joe Lieberman Out of The Caucus?

He has been pissing inside the tent for a decade, at least. His treachery was capped off by his opposition to Barack Obama in the 2008 general election. His whole raison d’etre is to harm the Democratic party… he does not believe in any kind of party loyalty.

No candidate wins his seat by promising to be a loyal slave of his party. When somebody thinks for himself and comes to a different conclusion than his party, I do not call that treachery. Many Americans have died to defend individualistic freedom, an idea worth more than all of the drugs and treatments the government will ever provide.

A party that does not tolerate independent thinking among their members does not deserve to run my country.

2 Responses to “Man thinks independently, loses party support”

  1. A representative’s job however, is to represent the desires/needs/opinions of the people who he is representing, not to pursue his own personal agenda. Connecticut polls show that the people support and desire the health care reforms of Obama. Joe Lieberman, is, therefore, not functioning anymore as a representative. Be his opinion right or wrong, people are right to question him.

    • Hi Heather,

      Do you think that more than 50% of Connecticut residents want the Public Option?

      Lieberman said, “I hope to be in a position to vote yes on health care reform”. But, he stirred the pot when he added that he would vote no on cloture (a quick end to debate) because “my colleagues know for a long time that I’ve been opposed to a government-created, government-run insurance company.” What bugs me is that I want to follow the debate over the Public Option, but the Democratic party wants to play the loyalty card to skip debate and ramrod reform through.

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