Retirement Mutual Fund Concept

I was thinking about how to allocate my 401k contributions today, and I came to the following conclusion: I know exactly how I would like my money to be invested, but I have not found a fund that does what I want.

It’s simple really. I want my fund to buy assets in the market categories that will interest me when I am 65 years old. Homes in Florida and Arizona are really cheap now. I’d like my fund to buy some of those. Hospitals, pharmacy stores, cruise ships, and golf courses are all assets I’d love to own pieces of.

I am aware that some of these physical assets depreciate. So, the fund could also invest in the prerequisite industries that would eventually lead to creating the goods I will need in the future. The total allocation would be based on the ages and stakes of all investors in the fund.

The point is that many people like me will gladly accept low returns in exchange for the stability of owning physical retirement assets that will maintain their value through inflationary periods.

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