Review of District 9

District 9 is about feeling like a dirty insect refugee at the mercy of a genocidal militant para-governmental agency. I’m sure there were parallels to South Africa under Apartheid.

As a sci-fi film, it was full of holes. For example, the aliens have a body suit that, by itself, can stop bullets in mid-air and throw them back at people. Impressive, right? But, when the main character, Wikus, gets into the suit, it takes lots of damage and fails.

Meanwhile, Wikus waffles between blowing multiple people away with spider missiles and feeling unable to kill individuals because of his great compassion. What kind of hero is sorta maybe on a mission? There’s also his wife, who totally loves him, then totally betrays him, then kinda loves him again. Huh?

Overall, its unfamiliar and creatively presented themes coupled with decent acting kept my interest. I mildly recommend watching it on DVD with a cold beer in hand to prevent over-thinking.

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