Health Shake Recipe

I find myself drinking shakes often these days. Here’s what I put in them:

Main ingredients:
Organic Milk, Lactaid, or Soy Milk (whole or 2%)
Frozen fruit (berries, bananas, peach, pineapple)
Nut butter (peanut, almond, cashew)
Cold water or ice (for desired thickness)

Optional food ingredients:
Yogurt (plain or all natural vanilla)
Juice (pomegranite, berry, or grape for sweetness)
Ground flax seeds (Spectrum)
Flax oil (Spectrum)

Optional powdered supplements:
Protein powder (Biochem 100% whey, one scoop)
Niacin (Solaray, 100mg/day, dumped out of the capsules)
Alive! multi-vitamin and mineral powder (half-scoop)
Vitamin C (Emergen-C)
Calcium powder (crushed Caltrate chewables)

2 Responses to “Health Shake Recipe”

  1. Do you taste the supplements at all? My problem is tasting them and not being able to finish the protein shake. I’m looking for the best protein shake out there.

    • Some supplements have a powdery or chalky texture, and I find those hard to drink. The ones that I recommend are not like that, but they do have a flavor that is detectable if you put in more than a teaspoon per serving.

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